Frequently Asked Questions

What is The National Advocacy for DUI Defense, LLC (NAFDD)?

The National Advocacy for DUI Defense, LLC (NAFDD) is an organization composed of the premier DUI attorneys from across the country. We strive to help our members be identified and validated for their DUI knowledge, skill and experience. Furthermore, once recognized for their DUI expertise we assist in members in their ability to obtain success from their experience.

How do I accept an invitation to join NAFDD?

To accept an invitation into NAFDD, please fill out and return the enclosed membership acceptance form that you receive in the mail, along with payment of your annual membership dues.

If I didn’t receive an invitation, can I apply to Join NAFDD?

Yes, some very competent DUI practitioners were not sent an invitation for membership. This occurred because there simply was not enough information on you to make a decision one way or another. Please complete the Member Application Form and submit for consideration.

How do I receive the NAFDD badge to use on my firm’s website?

The badge graphics will be emailed as a link after the attorney’s acceptance form is received by NAFDD and their membership has been processed.

How do I receive my sample press release?

The sample press release will be emailed as an attachment after the attorney’s acceptance form is received by NAFDD and their membership has been processed.

When will I receive my NAFDD plaque?

The plaque will be shipped to you within 4 to 6 weeks after your acceptance form has been received by NAFDD.

When are yearly invitations delivered?

In October of each year.

Is membership automatically renewed?

Membership is not automatically renewed; attorneys are reevaluated annually to determine whether their activities and accomplishments qualify them for continued membership.

How do I update my member profile?

Once an attorneys acceptance form is received by NAFDD and their membership is processed the attorney will be sent a link to create their login information. Once logged in the attorney has access to their entire profile.

How was I selected for membership into NAFDD?

The selection process is labor intensive. On a yearly basis, all collected data and information regarding criminal defense attorneys are analyzed. Invitees must demonstrate superior qualifications regarding DUI cases. This includes not just DUI legal skill and experience, but also available peer review, DUI achievement, client reviews, and any discipline which affects the ability to defend DUI cases. To see the entire list of factors considered, please see the eligibility page. Also, other organizations views and acceptance is considered, such as:

  • Board Certification as a Criminal Law Specialist and/or DUI specialist
  • Leadership and membership within other national and state lawyer organizations related to DUI defense.
  • Rankings and ratings of the attorney by established organizations.

Why should I accept an invitation to join NAFDD and what do I receive for being a member?

NAFDD is a professional and business organization designed to assist the modern day attorney in promoting their expertise as a DUI attorney.

  • Recognition of your achievement by having your biography and firm name displayed on NAFDD’s website with links to your firm website;
  • The potential to have cases referred to you through NAFDD;
  • A distinguished plaque denoting your accomplishment as one of the top DUI Lawyers;
  • Discounts with NAFDD business partners;
  • A sample press release (to be modified by you to conform with you state’s ethical rules);
  • The use of the NAFDD logo and the NAFDD DUI badge on your website

Will discipline from a State Bar make me ineligible for membership?

Yes, if the disciple is regarding your competence as a DUI defense practitioner. However, if the discipline is not related to your competence as a DUI defense practitioner, it will be given little weight. For example, you were sanctioned 10 years ago for bouncing a check in your client trust fund. This is an accounting issue rather than a competency issue. This would have little effect on selection.