NAFDD Attorney Eligibility

Although a subjective process, identifying the best members of any profession is a qualitative assessment based on objective criteria. Our protocols and eligibility criteria are driven by numerous factors. To be eligible, at a minimum, the attorney must satisfy the following criteria:

Minimum Requirements

  • Be licensed and in good standing in the state,
  • Be in private practice,
  • Have practiced DUI law at least seven (7) years in the state, and
  • Devote a significant portion of their practice to DUI defense.

However, minimum eligibility does not guarantee that the attorney will be invited to become a member. All relevant information including the following considerations are factored into the selection process:

Additional Criteria

  • Total length of time practicing law in the state,
  • Total length of time practicing DUI law,
  • Total length of time practicing criminal law,
  • Percentage of law practice dedicated to DUI defense,
  • Percentage of law practice dedicated to criminal law,
  • Prior work experience in handling DUI cases,
  • Total number of DUI cases,
  • Jury trial experience,
  • Bench trial experience,
  • Available peer review,
  • Legal awards,
  • DUI case outcomes,
  • Formal DUI training,
  • DUI related noteworthy achievements,
  • Discipline impacting the practice of law,
  • DUI publications,
  • DUI presentations,
  • Available client reviews.

Eligible to Join NAFDD?

Although best efforts are made to identify the finest DUI attorneys in each state, some very competent DUI attorneys are not invited to join due to a lack of available information. If you believe that you are one of the best DUI attorneys, please request an application and submit for review by using our contact form.