About Us

Development of NAFDD

My name is Stephen R. Glazer and I am the owner and executive director of The National Advocacy for DUI Defense, LLC (NAFDD). NAFDD originated as a result of my personal experiences as a private criminal defense attorney who dedicates a substantial portion of my practice to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) defense. Some jurisdictions abbreviate comparable impaired vehicle offenses as DWI, DWII, OUI, OVI, OWI or OUII. To this day, I am still a practicing criminal defense attorney.

As a trial lawyer who has been practicing criminal law for fifteen years, I have had countless opportunities to interact with and observe other litigators. For years, I witnessed inexperienced or incompetent attorneys provide poor legal representation, and it continued to baffle me that clients were willing to pay good money for such substandard services. Clients should know which DUI practitioners are the best in the state. Just because an attorney has a law license does not mean that they are good at what they do for a living.

I believe that NAFDD fills a void in the legal community. Collectively, the profession does a poor job acknowledging great attorneys. Recognition is seldom given. Oftentimes, a lawyer’s reward is simply a happy client. While having a satisfied client is rewarding and may lead to personal referrals, many prospective clients do not use personal referrals and have no way of distinguishing between experienced and inexperienced attorneys. Rarely will your competitor compliment your expertise. Recognition in the legal community is not only what excellent attorneys deserve, but also what clients are looking for.

NAFDD Recognizes Great DUI Attorneys

Is NAFDD a DUI Defense Organization or a Marketing Firm?

Although new, NAFDD is a business and professional organization which recognizes great DUI attorneys. We have expended significant time and energy into researching each member. However, we encourage each member to use this recognition to assist in marketing his or her expertise. We have prequalified the best DUI attorneys in each state. Every prospective DUI client should know that members have been screened for their DUI defense ability. So, the answer to this question is that we are both.

About Owner/Executive Director Stephen R. Glazer

Stephen R. Glazer is a criminal defense attorney located in Flagstaff, Arizona. He began his legal career as prosecuting Deputy County Attorney at the Gila County Attorney’s Office and later for the Coconino County Attorney’s Office. His private practice, which specializes on criminal defense, was formed in 2002. Since then, he has successfully defended thousands of clients in all areas of criminal law in both state and federal courts throughout northern Arizona. A significant portion of his practice is dedicated to DUI defense.

On July 8, 2011 Stephen Glazer was selected as one of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers. Based on a peer- reviewed nomination, the Executive Board of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers selected Stephen Glazer because of his demonstrated record of high achievement, excellent legal skills, and a well-earned reputation for integrity. In September 2011, Stephen Glazer, on behalf of the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of Arizona was awarded the certification as a Certified Criminal Law Specialist. Most recently, in 2013, Mr. Glazer was awarded by The National Trial Lawyers as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the State of Arizona. Additionally, he maintains a 10.0 rating on Avvo.