Selection Process

National Search

While limited organizations acknowledge and award criminal defense practitioners, few exist which recognize DUI attorneys specifically. NAFDD was established in 2013 to identify the top DUI attorneys in the country, specific to each state. This has been an extremely labor-intensive process. A team of researchers have screened thousands of candidates to determine whether they meet the eligibility requirements, which are based on a qualitative assessment of objective criteria. This is information that every defendant should know before hiring any attorney.

Searching for legal representation can be an overwhelming process for clients, and it is difficult for them to identify those who are best-suited to defend them. NAFDD is designed not only to impart deserved recognition onto those it deems the finest DUI attorneys in the nation, but also to bolster prospective clients’ confidence by providing them with an industry insider’s opinion.

Selection Process

Although a subjective process, we developed a formula which involves factoring in the following considerations, as well as any other available data regarding each candidate:

We also consider other legal affiliations which already entail peer review and/or client feedback. The selection process is thorough. We research, read, and consolidate every ounce of relevant information we can find on a candidate before making a determination. No longer does a DUI client have to spend hours on the internet trying to find the best DUI attorneys. NAFDD has done it for them.